Fears About Getting Home & Auto Quotes

Getting home and auto quotes make a lot of people nervous, annoyed, and sometimes unsettling. Some insureds feel like they are giving very personal information away. Some feel that their credit score is getting dinged for it. A lot of insureds really are in an “out of sight, out of mind” mentality. It is important to know that getting quotes are harmless and easy.

People cringe when insurance agents ask if they can quote their insurance. Just think of it as a good opportunity to see if you’re getting the most competitive price for great coverages.

Carriers change their rates year to year, so its always good to check them even if you have been with a certain carrier for years.

One of the biggest fears getting a quote is that your credit is getting hit. It’s a soft hit that doesn’t affect your credit score either way. Whether you are trying to get financed for a house or car there will not be an impact on your score. It’s a good time to refresh your memory on what coverages you currently have.

A lot of us put revolving bills on auto draft and we just make sure money is there to cover the drafts. You know you’re paying your insurance but that’s all you know.

Get to know your insurance agent and ask about your coverages and how they cover you or more importantly, what’s not covered.

Its ok to get a quote so you know what carriers are out there with competitive rates.

Its good to stay up to date with your insurance coverages and premiums. Just know with your date of birth(s), a copy of your current coverages, and a good email address you can get a home and auto insurance quote in about half an hour.

There will always be carriers with competitive rates out there so make sure you’re not paying too much.

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