Does My Home Insurance Cover Hidden Leaks?

Hidden leaks in your home could go undiscovered for weeks or even months. By the time there is any visible damage, it could have already caused thousands of dollars worth of damage beneath your flooring or behind your sheetrock.

So, will your home insurance cover those damages? Unfortunately, for a lot of policies out there, the answer is no.

The standard insurance term for this type of damage is called “seepage and/or leakage”. It is typically defined as a leak that has been ongoing for more than 14 days. And if you dig deep into your home insurance policy paperwork you will usually find that your homeowners policy excludes coverage for it, unless you have the “seepage and/or leakage” endorsement added on your policy.seepage leakage

There are a few companies out there that have a policy that automatically includes coverage for seepage/leakage. For the majority of companies, it is an added endorsement, which means that it has to be manually added to your policy. So it is very important that you talk with your insurance agent and make sure you have seepage/leakage coverage.

This is one of the few optional coverages that I strongly recommend everyone have, because hidden leaks are sometimes hard to find and they can cause a lot of damage.

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